2016 Fromelles and Pozières Commemorative Service arrangements


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To apply now, go to the online application form. Attendance passes remain available. 

Vous êtes Français et souhaitez-vous inscrire, téléchargez le document ci joint et suivez le pas à pas pour votre inscription sur le lien online application form (PDF 194 KB) (HTML).

Important Information! Are you attending the Fromelles Centenary commemoration? You cannot arrive by private vehicle. You must take the Lille Office de Tourisme shuttle from Lille. Book your ticket on this service at http://www.remembrancetrails-northernfrance.com/fromelles-2016.html.

Important: Vous assistez à la cérémonie de Fromelles ? Ce n’est pas possible de venir en voiture. Il faut réserver une place dans la navette depuis Lille. Réservez votre place à http://www.remembrancetrails-northernfrance.com/fromelles-2016.html.

Event Program - Fromelles 19 July 2016
Time Event
08h00 Roads closed around Fromelles
08h00 Battle of Fromelles museum opens
08h30 Shuttle from Fromelles village to VC corner opens
08h30 Visitor village next to commemorative site opens
09h00 Opening of shuttle system from Lille at Champs de Mars
09h30 Ceremonial site at Pheasant Wood opens
11h30 Last expected departure of shuttles from Lille
11h30 Commencement of commemorative pre-service program
12h00 Shuttle to VC corner closes
13h00 Commemorative ceremony at Pheasant Wood
14h20 End of ceremony
16h50 National Australian Commemorative ceremony at VC Corner, shown on screens to public at Pheasant Wood
18h00 End of ceremony at VC Corner
18h15 Shuttles and Tour operator buses departure to Lille
20h00 Roads around Fromelles re-open, last buses to depart
Event Program - Pozières 23 July 2016
Time Event
11h00 Roads closed around Pozières
11h30 Opening of parking lot at Albert-Picardie airport
12h00 First shuttle bus departs for Pozières
12h30 Ceremonial site opens
15h00 Last shuttle to Pozières
15h00 Commencement of commemorative pre-service program
16h00 National Australian Commemorative ceremony
17h15 End of ceremony
17h45 First shuttle to depart Pozières for airport
18h30 Approx last shuttle to depart
20h00 Roads around Pozières re-open

The Fromelles commemorative service at the Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery at 1:00pm on 19 July 2016, will be open to members of the public who hold an Australian Government-issued Attendance Pass, and will incorporate the dedication of the headstones of those soldiers buried in the cemetery who have recently been identified.

The Pheasant Wood site will open to the public from 10:00 am and a pre-service program will commence at noon. There is seating for 3,200 members of public in tiered, grandstand style seating.

At 5:15pm that evening another service will be conducted at the memorial wall at the VC Corner Cemetery. Due to space restrictions at this site members of the public will not be able to attend this service, but will be able to watch it live on video screens from seats at the Pheasant Wood Cemetery.

For those who do not receive an Attendance Pass to the Pheasant Wood service there will be a field opened, adjacent to the Pheasant Wood Cemetery, where they can watch the services live on large video screens. 

At Pozières a commemorative service will be conducted at the site of the 1st Australian Division Memorial at 4:00pm on 23 July 2016, open to Australians who hold an Australian Government-issued Attendance Pass. The commemorative site will be open to the public from 1:00pm and a pre-service program will commence at 3:00pm.

While there is a capacity for 3,500 members of the public to attend this service, the majority of attendees will need to stand as there will be limited seating available.

For those who do not receive an Attendance Pass to the service at Pozières the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing on the Somme will be available as a secondary site to watch the service live on large video screens.

As new information becomes available, the DVA website and the Anzac Centenary website will be updated and Tour Operators will receive further confirmed information and updates.

If you are experiencing any issues with your registration, or, you seeking assistance in completing your registration please call the Helpline on 1300 364 002.