Audacity nominated for literary prize


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DVA Publications Staff

Audacity: Stories of heroic Australians in wartime, jointly produced by DVA and the Australian War Memorial, has been nominated for a prestigious children’s book prize.

The book has been nominated for the Eve Pownall Award for Information books, with the winner to be announced in October this year. The award honours the legacy of Eve Pownall, a historian and children’s author who helped to establish the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

The book chronicles the lives of some of our bravest men and women. You can read about the experience of Wing Commander Peter Isaacson, who, in May of 1943, flew his severely damaged Lancaster Bomber with a wounded crew member through the skies over Berlin, skilfully dodging German searchlights and anti-aircraft guns. Wing Commander Isaacson successfully landed the plane, and for his actions was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

You can also read about Sister Claire Trestrail, who, during the siege of Antwerp, under heavy shell fire, carried wounded men, weighing more than her, down flights of stairs to shelter.

The book, written as an educational resource for upper primary and secondary students, asks readers to think about the actions of these men and women, and put themselves in their shoes. It features many pictures along with the stories, as well as details about military life, such as medals that can be awarded for gallantry and bravery.